RAF is the Partner of Choice for Leading Industry OEMs and Integrators

Reliable and trusted for more than 30 years, RAF is a long-standing partner of the most recognized equipment manufacturers, integrators, and service providers across postal, parcel, and specialized use case industries. We’re focused on building joint success with our machine learning-based software that gets more accurate with every read.

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Now we provide increasingly fast, high-quality, and flexible services to our customers, both locally and internationally, thanks to RAF. This is just one of many steps in a far-reaching modernization and we do not intend stopping now.
Mārcis Vilcāns
Board Chairman, Latvia Post
RAF Technology’s OCR software worked with BlueCrest for our new, quicker, and more reliable sorting system. The new technology ensures timely delivery, even during our peak loads of 2.5 million mail items a day. I look forward to future cooperation with RAF.
Ivan Culo
CEO, Croation Post


Find answers to common questions about RAF Technology's services.

How can I get started?

Contact sales@raf.com for an assessment of your pattern recognition needs, or for a demo.

What support is available?

RAF offers world-class, custom, and quick technical support. For custom or new solutions, our technical team provides planning, and proofs of concept, and deployment services.

How can I integrate RAF Software?

RAF is equipment agnostic and works with what the customer may already have in place or with any new sorting devices, cameras, conveyer belts, or robots that they plan to deploy. RAF partners with top original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and solution integrators in the industry.

Why do companies depend on RAF Technology for their pattern recognition needs?

In one word, it’s Performance. Our pattern recognition software boasts the highest read rates in the industry.
• Unmatched speed and accuracy: When it comes to detecting and verifying even the most difficult-to-read machine print and handwritten characters, RAF is the leader with a proven 5% higher accuracy on average than our competitors. Let our software improve your processes and save valuable time.
• Versatility: Partners and postal authorities reduce deployment costs because RAF works with the equipment and operations hardware already in place. RAF solutions can be adapted to solution visual data recognition needs for any industry from pharmaceutical, to insurance, manufacturing, public sector, and retail.
• Trust: For 30 years, RAF has partnered with the industry’s top original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for cameras, sorters, and conveyer belts to reduce sorting errors. RAF has 22 patents and is a trusted industry leader. Our customer service is quick, personable, and supportive.
• Advanced Address and Signature Learning: Developed using machine learning and adaptive intelligence, RAF software becomes more reliable with every read.
• Address Validation Directories: We use your data and our technology to build comprehensive address verification directories in almost any country to reduce the risk of undeliverable mail.

How do RAF software solutions work?

RAF’s patented omni-font OCR engine takes an individual character and determines what the character is within a certain confidence. RAF’s approach to dynamic character examination utilizes sophisticated algorithms that analyze each perspective character to accurately interpret data versus applying simpler and less accurate recognition techniques. It returns alternative characters in ambiguous cases. The software is scalable and versatile. For example, it can work with multiple cameras to capture images on any side of a box.

Who can benefit from RAF?

For companies looking to upgrade their Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, RAF provides state-of-the-art, and cost-effective solutions to support many postal, commercial warehouse, and government use cases. Whether it's verifying hard-to-read machine-print or handwritten shipping labels, detecting and matching signatures, supporting ePacket distribution, leveraging advanced address learning, helping customers build their international address verification directories, or working with any sorting and visual equipment OEM, we've got you covered.

Who is RAF Technology?

RAF Technology is the leading software provider of machine print and handwritten pattern recognition for the postal and parcel industry, and for a variety of commercial and government use cases worldwide.