Company overview

RAF Technology is the worldwide leader in advanced pattern and image recognition, intelligent information extraction, and data verification solutions for enterprises, government agencies, and postal authorities. Today, RAF provides flexible software solutions based on AI that enable organizations to more effectively process mail, capture relevant information, and verify data to reduce costs, increase productivity, and grow revenues.

RAF was founded in 1989 and acquired by Volaris Group in 2023. With Volaris as our parent company, we have the agility of a smaller software company but the resources and backing of a large enterprise.

15 years using AI

Our AI-based neural network technology continues to learn and improve

30 countries

Using our solutions internationally

98% repeat customers

Customers who choose RAF, stay with RAF


Find answers to common questions about RAF Technology's services.

How can I get started?

Contact for an assessment of your pattern recognition needs, or for a demo.

What support is available?

RAF offers world-class, custom, and quick technical support. For custom or new solutions, our technical team provides planning, and proofs of concept, and deployment services.

How can I integrate RAF Software?

RAF is equipment agnostic and works with what the customer may already have in place or with any new sorting devices, cameras, conveyer belts, or robots that they plan to deploy. RAF partners with top original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and solution integrators in the industry.

Why do companies depend on RAF Technology for their pattern recognition needs?

In one word, it’s Performance. Our pattern recognition software boasts the highest read rates in the industry.
• Unmatched speed and accuracy: When it comes to detecting and verifying even the most difficult-to-read machine print and handwritten characters, RAF is the leader with a proven 5% higher accuracy on average than our competitors. Let our software improve your processes and save valuable time.
• Versatility: Partners and postal authorities reduce deployment costs because RAF works with the equipment and operations hardware already in place. RAF solutions can be adapted to solution visual data recognition needs for any industry from pharmaceutical, to insurance, manufacturing, public sector, and retail.
• Trust: For 30 years, RAF has partnered with the industry’s top original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for cameras, sorters, and conveyer belts to reduce sorting errors. RAF has 22 patents and is a trusted industry leader. Our customer service is quick, personable, and supportive.
• Advanced Address and Signature Learning: Developed using machine learning and adaptive intelligence, RAF software becomes more reliable with every read.
• Address Validation Directories: We use your data and our technology to build comprehensive address verification directories in almost any country to reduce the risk of undeliverable mail.

How do RAF software solutions work?

RAF’s patented omni-font OCR engine takes an individual character and determines what the character is within a certain confidence. RAF’s approach to dynamic character examination utilizes sophisticated algorithms that analyze each perspective character to accurately interpret data versus applying simpler and less accurate recognition techniques. It returns alternative characters in ambiguous cases. The software is scalable and versatile. For example, it can work with multiple cameras to capture images on any side of a box.

Who can benefit from RAF?

For companies looking to upgrade their Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software, RAF provides state-of-the-art, and cost-effective solutions to support many postal, commercial warehouse, and government use cases. Whether it's verifying hard-to-read machine-print or handwritten shipping labels, detecting and matching signatures, supporting ePacket distribution, leveraging advanced address learning, helping customers build their international address verification directories, or working with any sorting and visual equipment OEM, we've got you covered.

Who is RAF Technology?

RAF Technology is the leading software provider of machine print and handwritten pattern recognition for the postal and parcel industry, and for a variety of commercial and government use cases worldwide.

Executive Team

We’re a dynamic group of individuals who are passionate about what we do and dedicated to delivering the best results for our clients.

William Brandt
Vice President of Business Development

Accountable for cultivating key business relationships and maintaining strategic alliances with RAF's partners in both the commercial and government sectors, Bill ensures the success and growth of the organization.

He empowers partners with technology solutions that distinguish their products and services from the competition, driving innovation and excellence in their offerings.

Bill was previously a 10-year veteran at the United States Postal Service - initially recruited to a two-year multi-functional engineering and management development program, he held numerous positions in the field and at headquarters in operations, finance and marketing.

Emily Gibson
Director of Marketing

For more than 25 years, Emily has been leading marketing services for companies in the technology industry. She manages end-to-end marketing for RAF Technology as an organization and drives clear communications with partners and customers. Her work helps RAF Technology build caring relationships, ensure that RAF’s innovative solutions continue to delight customers, and keep RAF’s pattern recognition solutions at the forefront of the industry.

Prior to RAF Technology, Emily worked as a senior growth manager at Microsoft, and as a marketing director for several technology organizations.

Christopher Traina
Director of Engineering

With a rich history spanning two decades, Chris has honed expertise in designing and implementing pattern recognition systems. He previously managed the Technical Services department and was responsible for overseeing RAF’s technical support, professional services, and training activities.

Chris also directed RAF’s Project Management team, including implementing and improving software development and release processes.

John Boyer
Corporate General Manager

John comes to RAF with more than 20 years of extensive experience building and evolving client-facing programs, teams, and processes that optimize internal and external customer experience. He is skilled at formulating growth strategies and driving positive impact on all aspects of operations. He specializes in client success strategies, change management, organization evolution, product adoption, and revenue retention and growth.

Damian Da Silva
Director of Finance

Damian da Silva has more than 15 years experience as a seasoned finance professional for growing technology organizations. He has a strong background in leading cross-functional teams and driving successful financial outcomes in various industries, including banking, finance, and telecommunications. Damian is highly proficient in strategic planning, contributing to his ability to navigate complex projects and achieve organizational goals. With his expertise and leadership capabilities, Damian excels in driving innovation and fostering collaboration to ensure continued financial growth.

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