RAF’s advancements in neural network research and development is a game changer!  Conventional ICR engines often require tailor-made algorithms and adjustments to utilize automatic text recognition for different languages; accounting for people’s different handwriting styles, text slant; as well as dealing with technical imaging issues, e.g. camera position, camera angle, uneven illumination etc.

RAF’s SmartScript neural networks utilize a multi-layered learning approach whereby each neuron (node) in each layer contains information passed from other nodes seamlessly connected which provides a high degree of accuracy in both spotting text regions and deciphering characters simultaneously.

As a result, no product on the market today can match SmartScript’s extraordinarily high read rate performance with the lowest error rates and do so in timeframes never seen before.  SmartScript also sets a new benchmark in performance by detecting names and building unit numbers so both full address reading as well as move updates can also take place.

Key SmartScript Features

  • Utilizes state-of-the-art neural network technology
  • Delivers the industries highest handwriting recognition rates
  • Eliminates unwanted character noise which reduces errors
  • Provides the finest depth of sort including name and unit number
  • Incorporates name assistance recognition for enhancing recognition results for addresses with missing or incorrect data
  • Supports international city and country routing for cross border services

More Information

SmartScript Product Sheet