Parcel Vision


Parcel Vision

RAF Technology’s Market Leading Solution

RAF Technology, the leader in automated logistics recognition systems, has developed a solution that converts the intensive array of information that appears on parcels into actionable data. RAF’s solution is a simple and methodical process using the industry’s most advanced neural network algorithms that decodes each piece of information to allow automation to both read and leverage this for the operator.  This revolutionary process and product is called Parcel Vision.  Parcel Vision is the product customers have been searching for to address all their parcel automation requirements.

Parcel Vision was designed specifically to provide the highest assignment rates with the lowest possible errors and delivers address recognition and validation for all machine printed and handwritten information regardless of shipping label form style or country.

Parcel Vision Features Include

  • Omni font character set with adaptive Intelligence
  • Industry’s leading machine print and handwriting recognition
  • Neural network design for handwriting recognition in any language or market
  • Omni directional label orientation detection and automatic correction
  • Supports grayscale TIFFs, JPGs, and BMPs and can be injected without binarization
  • Multi-image recognition for each parcel
  • Supports image scaling to improve recognition performance
  • Provides customizable default configurations for unique customer labels
  • The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is localized to other languages using a text resource file
  • Operates on Windows 7 & 10 OS and supports both 32 & 64 bit processors
  • CEN 15448 compliant & customizable to operate in any country

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Parcel Vision Product Sheet