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Electromagnetc energy may be induced from heat produced by food 1000 mg valtrex visa hiv infection through urine, physiological Fourier analysis is so important in describing linear systems order valtrex 500mg without a prescription antiviral iv for herpes. Fourier analysis is useful in describing oxidatons valtrex 500mg overnight delivery hiv infection rates texas, muscle exercise purchase 500 mg valtrex with amex hiv infection timeline of symptoms, fever; external stmuli such as the sun, sweat baths, electronic the propagaton of light through linear optcal components. Electromagnetc energy may be induced by pressure receptors such as somesthetc its transfer functon. Pressure may be induced by gravity, gas or pressure pains, temperature from expansion impulse functon of the free space then can be determined. This will allow us to calculate systems and contracton of parts of the body, osmotc pressure from the movement of fuids seeking in biology with variant control factors. If a frequency and 40 41 amplitude are known, then we can defne a cosine functon of the amplitude through a phase, and In biology the use of the pupil to focus external light and allow the human to draw an image into know the real parts of a wave. The variable t represents tme, frequency is ƴ, and units of cycle are the back of the eye is extremely important to understand and analyze. For a deeper analysis we think the reader should be directed to the feld of optcs to We can take these complex functons and break them down into simple components. Our frst equaton above is a functon of tme, whereas the second equaton is a functon of To understand holography we now can look at just what a holographic image might be. If we take the absolute value of our functon of tme, f(t), and square it, this is called the signal power. If we take the absolute value of our functon of frequency, F(ƴ), and square Holography involves the recording and reconstructon of optcal waves. If the energy spectral density (the absolute value of the transparency containing a coded record of the optcal wave. If, somehow, a thin optcal element (call it a transparency) with complex amplitude Communicaton theory will involve these functons of tme and frequency to allow us to know a transmitance t(x,y) equal to Uo(x,y) were able to be made, it would provide a complete record signal and its tme-domain representaton. The wave could then be reconstructed simply by illuminatng the transparency with domain representaton, and the functon of tme is known as the tme-domain representaton. The transmited wave would have a complex amplitude in the z = 0 plane U(x,y) = 1 ● t(x,y) = Uo(x,y). The original wave would Some important propertes of Fourier transform are: then be reproduced at all points in the z = 0 plane, and therefore reconstructed everywhere in the 1. The Fourier transform of the sum of two functons is the sum of their Fourier space z > 0. As an example, we know that a uniform plane wave traveling at an angle Θ with respect to the 2. If f(t) has a Fourier transform F(ƴ), and Τ is a real scaling factor, then f(t/Τ) has a z axis in the x-z plane has a complex amplitude Uo(x,y) = exp[-jk sinΘ x]. This means that if f(t) is scaled by a factor Τ, its Fourier transform would be a transparency with complex amplitude transmitance t(x,y) = exp[-jk sinΘ x]. For example, if Τ > 1, then f(t/Τ) is a stretched version of f(t), whereas a transparency acts as a prism that bends an incident plane wave exp(-jkz) by an angle Θ, thus F(Τƴ) is a compressed version of F(ƴ). If f(t) has a Fourier transform F(ƴ), the Fourier transform of f(t - Τ) is exp(- j2ΠƴΤ)F(ƴ). Thus delay by tme Τ is equivalent to multplicaton of the Fourier transform by a The Holographic Code phase factor exp(-j2ΠƴΤ). The holographic code is based on mixing the original wave (hereafer called the object wave) Uo 4. If F(ƴ) is the Fourier transform of f(t), the Fourier transform of f(t) with a known reference wave Ur and recording their interference patern in the z = 0 plane. Thus multplicaton by a harmonic functon of frequency ƴ0 is intensity of the sum of the two waves is photographically recorded and a transparency of complex equivalent to shifing the Fourier transform to a higher frequency ƴ0. If f(t) is real and In biology a single cell contains the code of the entre organism. If the Fourier transforms of f1(t) and f2(t) are F1(ƴ) and F2(ƴ), mathematcs of holography we can see the feld generaton of the holography of the biological respectvely, the inverse Fourier transform of the product organism. Biology and medicine are presently locked in a chemistry model, which is inadequate for the predicton or descripton of life. The transmitance of the hologram is therefore up the signal and ataining the informaton in the signal versus the normal background noise given by where Ir and Io are, respectvely, the intensites of the reference wave and the object factor behind most signals. The retcular formaton The transparency, called a hologram, clearly carries coded informaton pertnent to the magnitude sits in the midbrain area, and must flter out signals from all the sensory inputs of the body. In fact, as an interference patern the transmitance t is highly sensitve human can then atend to whatever signal he wants to. He can then atend to a visual or sound to the diference between the phase of the two waves. The retcular formaton then has to do a complicated Fourier analysis To decode the informaton in the hologram and reconstruct the object wave, the reference wave to be able to syphon out the various signals and provide them to only the atentve areas of the Ur is again used to illuminate the hologram. The process of biological Fourier transforms ofers profound implicatons for biology. The third term on the right-hand side is the original wave multplied by the 42 43 intensity Ir of the reference wave. If Ir is uniform (independent of x and y), this term consttutes the desired reconstructed wave. The frst two terms represent the reference wave, modulated by the sum of the intensites of the two waves. If the reference wave is selected to be a uniform plane wave propagatng along the z axis, I/2 exp(- jkz), then in the z = 0 plane Ur(x,y) = I/2 is a constant independent of x and y. Dividing by Ur = I/2 gives Cellular biology must use Fourier transforms, be able to handle the informaton coming and decipher it from background noise. Multcellular organisms must have superior abilites to transform the informaton coming into its focused sensory input. Thus a frog sitng on a pad must do a transform of its informaton to see the bug it wishes to eat. In our development of biology we also must perform Fourier transforms on the body and compare the normal versus diseased paterns, but also to see and measure how well the body can perform its own transform analyses through its sensory input. Nelson, in which we ascertain how the wide variety of input signals into the brain can be measured and diseased conditons of the transform abilites of the brain can be cataloged and ascertained. This will be profoundly important for our energetc medicine, as the smallest of transforms can help to tell us about the vibratonal ability of the body to maintain health and wellness. Vibratonal medicine will result from an understanding of the complexity of the many diferent dimensions and vibratonal enttes the human body must be able to deal with successfully. These vibratons merge into other paterns, such as circadian rhythms, ultraradium rhythms, heart rate, brain waves; the list goes on. These are culminatons of some very basic simple frequencies, which when compiled upon each other, produce dramatc efects. Here we introduce the basic understanding of Fourier analysis, which will allow us to apply curve ft techniques to understanding the electrical impulses read from the body. We show how a system is able to apply mathematcal Fourier analyses to developing the curve ft proposals that will see reactvity of the brain with various homeopathic substances. In our understanding of Fourier analysis it is important to point to our electrical devices, which are able to chart overall variances in actvity.

Thus the power of the word has dramatic effects in enhancing organization in consciousness order 1000mg valtrex free shipping antiviral drug cures hiv. The sixth is the brow chakras generic valtrex 1000 mg otc antiviral lubricant herpes, in which the relationship of the biophoton reaches its highest zenith purchase valtrex 500 mg on-line antiviral immunity. Here we can see that the photon purchase cheap valtrex online hiv infection rate dc, which is the communicator of Mitogenic radiation, is highly important throughout the universe, and that this light form also resists entropy and yields towards quantum control. This results in a biological photon detector known as the eye; and other electromagnetic detectors, which Throughout sports history we have seen certain sports fgures who, in the face of all odds, seem to be able go to the point of measuring gravity changes, magnetic relationships, capacitance, and other electronic to control the ball, puck, or whatever. This is another example of the consciousness principle, and how the subtle The last is the crown chakras, which results in an organizational structural entity that unites all the indenter minacious of a hockey or tennis game can be infuenced by a strong-willed, highly developed other energy vortices. This produces the highest degree of resistance to entropy and development of consciousness. Many sports fgures talk about that transcendent time when they "become one" with consciousness. This control of the indeterminacy principle, which we call consciousness, also can be utilized in many different forms. The frst chakras is a type of consciousness in which the person is trying to survive by getting I. Since there is a measurable entity, and the consciousness can be increased in its effect against entropy and disorganization, we see that two people with focused minds can have a greater effect than one, and that there will be a certain amount of energy evolved from even a group as small as seven thousand, who can get together, refne and focus their consciousness, and have a great effect on the conditions of the world. This is what happened in the transcendental meditation movement, in which the Maharishi trained many people in Iowa of consciousness attainment, and then at periodic times would have them get together in a group, to produce a highly productive conscious state that could infuence the indeterminacy of other factors throughout the world. This subtle infuence could produce a high degree of organization and control, resulting in some rather profound changes in our society including the fall of the Berlin Wall and many other factors. Thus consciousness, which resists this type of disease structure, will develop into a new refned form of medicine. Conscious vibrational medicine will also have profound effects in helping patients to overcome a variety of entropic diseases. The Trivector Signature of Human Beings as a Basis of Psychic Communicaton Researcher: William Charles Nelson. This study is done at Youngstown University and published in the Graduate journal June 1974. One of the pair was put into a dark room in a building in Youngstown State University. A stroboscope and a siren was placed into the dark room next to the ears and eyes of the person. This would provide a startle to the system, a threat to the system that, although safe, would be interpreted by the patient as possibly life-threatening. This would produce a hormonal and nerval reaction and would it would be discernible by their friend. The other person in the group was placed in a separate building at Youngstown state campus. The separate building was needed to make sure that there was no electrical artifact in the electric measures that could be detected. This person was hooked up to a polygraph device capable of measuring the brainwave, the heart rate, and the galvanic skin response. During the two hour plus session the person hooked to the polygraph was to make verbal guesses as to when they thought their friend was being subjected to the evoked potential shock. At the end of the article we will show that the verbal guesses were less than chance. However, there was always an electrophysiological voltammetric plus resistance reaction that could be discerned. It was seen to be isolated from verbal, conscious pathways and was more of an unconscious bioelectronic signal. Within the concepts of this book we have expounded on how mass, vibration, and all forces of the universe have a constant blend. Biology had the twenty-three chromosomes to produce the full chakras and the high degree of mental ability to intuit and understand this process. Thus biology had the solution for the unifed feld theory in its twenty-three chromosomes that allowed it to develop the intellectual consciousness to start the understanding process needed to develop this unifed feld theory. Consciousness medicine will also have very spiritual ramifcations, in that people will need to understand the spirituality of the grand consciousness of the universe, which many cultures call God, in order to focus the consciousness development in themselves. Whenever any one entity or small group thinks that it is God, and tries to control things itself, this is the grand sin, and will produce drastic repercussions. This is what happens in the chemical companies when they make synthetic pharmaceuticals; they try to act as if they are God to produce things compatible with the human system. We will see that every natural vitamin, chemical, and herb has its consciousness as well, because it came from an entropy- resistant organism that had a degree of consciousness. Inside the test tube these synthetic chemicals do not have that degree of consciousness; thus they are incompatible with the human body. For some therapist to think that he is God is also a mistake, because the consciousness power of the universe is phenomenally overwhelming in comparison to the consciousness of any one man or small group. Only through humility can we truly develop the highest degree of rapport, and focus this in the system. In this book we have shown that the electromagnetic radiation has six vector components; three that are refected in the electromagnetic and static dimensions and three that are scalar or virtual, in that they are hidden from our normal perception. There are four dimensions of length, width, height and time, and six other virtual dimensions of time and space, which make up the entire universe. We would also like to mention in this book the defnition of consciousness, the inert ability of matter to ascend away from thermodynamic entropy and breakdown into an organized system. As consciousness develops it resists against thermodynamic breakdown and starts to control indeterminacy. Controlled indeterminacy can be achieved through the development of consciousness. In developing a consciousness medicine we must look at ways that one conscious human system can affect the subtle electron, photon, proton, ion and other energies of another system; and affect the indeterminate action, thus having subtle ways of improving the health of another human being. It must be pointed out that these techniques are usually not magnifcent and grand, but are usually very subtle, hard to measure, and hard to replicate. In many religions meditation is used to focus the mind internally to maximize consciousness. Meditation systems often use awareness channels by minimizing them and reducing external control, and maximizing them, focusing on external events (such as the walking meditations of Eastern schools). Some common denominators in these systems involve non-judgmental awareness cultivated through systems of love, compassion, introspection, and art. Often these systems also utilize body exercises such as dance, martial arts and the like to help affect the system towards a higher degree of consciousness. It is not the purpose of this book to go into intricate detail on developing these systems. That will be left to another book at a later date, when we can go into systems of consciousness building and how they apply in medicine and self-growth. In quantifying the effect of consciousness medicine we should set a couple of standards for our defnitions. We are concentrating on the ability of this focused consciousness to affect indeterminacy beyond the time and space models of normal physics.


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Intracellular H+ is exchanged for luminal Na+ and is counter-transported into the lumen of the nephron purchase valtrex 500 mg mastercard hiv infection control. This counter-transporter works in the indicated direction because of the high concentration gradient for Na+ tending to drive it into the cell valtrex 500 mg line hiv infection rates us map. The external membrane surfaces of the proximal tubule contain carbonic anhydrase 500 mg valtrex amex hiv infection rates victoria, so the H2C03 is quickly converted to water and C02 order 500mg valtrex antiviral journals. The C02 simply diffuses down its gradient into the cell, where it can enter the cycle at step 1. Note that the H+ that gets secreted in the above cycle never finds its way into the urine. The diagram shows that the process is driven by the continuous flow (secretion) of H+, which in turn is driven by the continuous flow (reabsorption) of Na+. In any case, the ability of kidney cells to secrete H+ is limited; if the free H+ concentration in the lumen gets too high (pH <4. The luminal H+ is prevented from rising too high by buffers, especially phosphate buffers, which are present in the filtrate and which bind the free H+. Ammonium is positively charged and cannot get through cell membranes very easily; it is "trapped"in the lumen and will be excreted along with the attached H+. In acidosis, plasma H+ rises, and the kidneys compensate by excreting acid in the urine. Thus, the H+ gradient from cell to lumen does not increase to pro- hibitive levels despite the increased H+ secretion. The urine becomes alkaline so that blood leaving the kidney is more acidic than blood entering. The kidney regulates the internal environment by judicious excretion of water-soluble plasma constituents and water. Urea is produced in the liver and contains the nitrogen derived from amino acids or proteins. Metabolism of protein produces about 30 g of urea per day, which is excreted in the urine. Because ions and urea are water soluble, their excretion necessarily draws water with them. Excretion of water in the urine is obligatory, and it behooves the kidney to conserve water whenever it is in short supply by excreting a concentrated urine. Ordinarily, we express the concentration of a solutelike urea by the number of moles (1 mole = 6 x 1023 molecules) of urea contained in each liter of solution. When this number is small, we reduce the unit by 1000 and call it a millimole (mM, 1000 millimoles = 1 mole). In every solution, each specific solute has its own molar (or millimolar) concentration. When we are dealing with osmotic water movements, all molecules and ions make an almost equal contribution to osmotic pressures. A 100 mM solution of urea exerts the same osmotic force as a 100 mM glucose solution because they both contain the same number of molecules per liter. A solution containing both (100 mM urea + 100 mM glucose) contains twice as many molecules per liter and exerts twice as much osmotic force. The sum of the molar concentration of all the molecules and ions in a given solution is called the osmolar concentration (Osm). The "total solute concentration" of a solution containing 100 mM urea + 100 mM glucose is 200 sOsm. Excretion of a concentrated urine requires an interstitial fluid space in the medulla four to four and one-half times more concentrated (1200 to 1400 mOsm) than blood plasma. To create this space, the kidneys rely on Na+ pumps in the ascending loop of Henle that can create 200 mOsm gradients across the tubular cells. Because proximal tubule fluid delivered to the loop is isotonic (300 mOsm), the most concentrated interstitial space possible should be 500 mOsm. The ability of the Na+ pump to create a 200 mOsm gradient is called the "single effect. The cycle repeats, with elevated concentrations delivered to the descending limb, which in turn delivers these elevated concentrations to pumps in the ascending limb; the single effect is multiplied. This circulation and trapping occur because the upper portions of the collecting duct are impermeable to urea, and as water is reabsorbed, the remaining urea becomes concentrated. From here, some of it diffuses into the lower thin ascending limb, which is urea permeable. As water is withdrawn from these portions, the urea becomes even more concentrated, only to be delivered to the collecting duct, where the cycle begins anew. Insulin pumps, which can deliver insulin in small and repeated doses after each meal, are now becoming available. Insulin is one of the most important hormonal regulators of metabolism and body physiology, as evidenced by the widespread deleterious and sometimes catastrophic consequences that follow its deficiency. Indeed, one of the best ways to understand the normal actions of insulin is to observe the effects of its lack or deficiency that occur after surgical removal of the pancreas, accidental toxic damage to B cells, or as a consequence of developing the disease diabetes mellitus. Insulin-deficient individuals have high blood sugar levels (hyperglycemia), ranging from two times the normal (before a meal) to four times (after a meal). The hyperglycemia is caused by both decreased uptake of glucose by muscle and adipose tissues and increased glucose output by the liver. This diminished ability of the body to handle the increased glucose load is the basis for the "glucose tolerance test," used clinically to diagnose diabetes (see lower illustration in the plate). In insulin deficiency, muscle cells deprived of glucose begin to utilize alternative energy sources. Thus, fat and protein reserves of the muscle tissue are utilized for oxidation and energy production, resulting in wasting of muscles, weakness, and weight loss. Weight toss is further worsened by what happens in the fat cells of the adipose tissue. Not only can glucose not enter these cells, but the loss of insulin removes the inhibition of the enzyme "hormone-sensitive lipase," resulting in increased breakdown of stored triglycerides and mobilization of fatty acids. The loss of body fat contributes to the characteristic thinness of the young diabetic patient or insulin deficient individuals. The malnourished state of the tissues and the individual, in the presence of high blood sugar, is why diabetes is called the disease of "starvation in the midst of plenty," and insulin is called the "hormone of abundance. However, excessive production of fatty acids results in formation of keto acids (ketone bodies), particulary in the liver. In addition, the ketone bodies are excreted in the urine, worsening the osmotic diuresis caused by glucose (see below). In hyperglycemia, above the limit of 170 mg glucose per 100 cc blood, the reabsorptive capacity of kidney tubules is exceeded. The extra glucose spills over in the urine, leading to one of the most well-known signs of diabetes mellitus and insulin deficiency: the presence of sugar in urine (glycosuria). The extra glucose molecules in the urine cause osmotic diuresis (excess water in urine) and polyuria (excess urine production).

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The remainder are funded Children grow up asking why the uncomfortable level to not get too and controlled by the Ultra Rich who and the parents say Because I much atenton cheap 1000 mg valtrex fast delivery hiv infection prophylaxis guidelines. People grow up asking the proper line say the proper thing So when I proved that synthetc 226 227 This makes for a bad society of drones and some protesters dismissed in the media as cranks discount 500mg valtrex overnight delivery antiviral yify. America can be saved and restored to the days of glory order 500mg valtrex fast delivery hiv infection oral, through compassion generic valtrex 1000mg fast delivery antiviral meaning, caring, sharing, truth, equality and freedom. The Ultra Rich controls every or maybe a symptom and a drug and With ten words appearing in my movies aspect of American life. Those ten words are makes some that can see this, feel without real human interventon. And if the doctor resists The chain reacton of these words he will lose his license. The drug company’s synthetc drugs have all failed and they need to make their use mandatory to make you use them. This anal retentve form of government control is possible in a system where intelligence is so low and complete control over the minds of the populaton has come about. But if you want to choose another path or use this with the medical techniques Emphasis on Infuenza then this artcle is for you. Please review the video What To Do for Cold and Flu at home 29 lifestyle but to push the immune system. Here are Desiré and Prof Nelson’s suggestons 33 Responsibility, dedicaton, steadfastness, Everyone has some Immune Failure cells from Some recipies for Healing 38 positvity, awareness, non judgmental, and tme to tme. When there requires diligence, perseverance, patence, is an immune dysfuncton the cells grow and How to Make the Switch to Natural Cooking 52 and composure. But for those who want health can be an overall weakness or perhaps just it is worth the confrontaton. Here they go to a spa, to relax, eat well, medicine some years ago was awarded to an Dr. Johanna Budwig Mix 81 exercise, and use a variety of naturopathic Argentnean research team that discovered healing techniques. For over two decades, I Infuenza 85 that stmulatng the immune system was have been a consultant at several of the best the best way to deal with Immuno Failure Mechanism 92 spa of the world and I have designed many of and that the techniques of chemotherapy, Prognosis 100 the techniques used around the world. This radiaton, and surgery were poor ways to deal artcle is designed for those of you who can’t Epidemiology 101 with Immuno Failure. This artcle will help you at home, chemotherapy, radiaton, and surgery kill so now it is your turn to “take the cure”. It seems Research 106 Maturity is the ability to see the consequences that the more they get it robs the body of the of our acts. The more mature a person is the Infecton in other animals 108 ability to deal with the Immuno Failure itself. It is a shameful found that natural medicine is not only the fact that most people are immature. A small best way to deal with disease, but the only reward today such as the cigarete is more way to get a cure. If reward like symptom reducton is greater than there is too great a weakness in the life force the large punishment of side efects and a life If you do not have the money pay what you can, and if you cannot pay anything please pay the cosmos back with of dependency later. Pass on the good karma by being good to others and helping them the way I am helping you. Obstructon to Cure) then perhaps techniques and dependence are all capitalized on by drug Pass it on. Care for your family, your friends, your the Synthetc Chemical Philosophy robs the country, your planet, and above all care for public from some simple solutons. Caring is the frst task, care to put learn to look for natural solutons not always away the cigarete, the sugar, the drugs. Care the proft pictures of the Synthetc Chemicals to talk, listen, share, enjoy, relax, laugh, feel Companies. Rather than looking for ways to synthetcally The references that follow can point to the reproduce Nature we should use it in its research data. The reference list provided life style changes are profound in helping the is but a small sample. It is quite The Synthetc Drug therapies are weak and amazing that with all of this research that the ofen inefectve. When the patents and our society express Society has chosen to get its foods from the the choice towards natural medicine then the felds and its medicines from the synthetc technology will grow. Antbiotcs These include lacto-immunitas and others that are excellent at immuno-stmulaton. In my research it seems that the use of So immuno suppressed patents need to use Antbiotcs is the co-factor that leads to death. They should only be used bowel fora as a strong component of the sparingly and only for short duraton and of needed immune system. New research has shown that the dental use of Antbiotcs was very It was sewage not ant-biotcs that helped the irregular. Sewage now is adamant helped and ant-biotcs followed around and claimed the credit. The science of Pro-biotc use or positve bacteria for the body, has developed quickly. Actmel, Actvia, and many other natural food yogurt variaton use a host of positve lactobacilli. The body will beneft much more from a If berries are not sweet to you and you must Levulose or lef handed sugar that from a have a processed candy bar, perhaps there is Dextrose or right handed sugar. Natural fruit candies lowers hormone producton, causes blood and sweeteners are easily available today. The stripping of the minerals and nutrients which give it a These all will further drop the immune system. So the sugar from strawberries, 10 11 and excess stress are complicatng of immuno are needed for immune functon. Gargle with mixed tabasco(cayenne pepper), vinegar, lemon, sea salt all can also help a swollen gland. Echinacea, vit C, faty acids, propolis, and other natural products are excellent if used when needed. You see the swelling comes from the development of antbody cas cade in the Adenoids, the 5. The virus or allergy causes the white blood cells in the Adenoids, To fght any virus or allergy you need the the Tonsils, and the Appendix to produce the B-cell. This is where the B-cell was frst The cell membrane of every cell is made from found hence the name B-cell. The good faty acids come for the fowl there is a bursa of lymphatc tssue in the fruits and vegetables we eat.