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L- glutamic acid acts Amino acids are fundamental ingredients in a protein’s biosynthetc process buy atomoxetine with amex treatment pancreatitis. Nearly twenty amino as an osmotc agent for the protectve cells cytoplasm order atomoxetine 40mg with amex medications not to mix, which favors the opening of stomata order 25mg atomoxetine overnight delivery treatment bladder infection. Studies have shown that amino acids can directly or Chelatng efect: indirectly in a plant’s physiological actvites generic atomoxetine 10mg line symptoms with twins. When jointly applied with micro elements, Amino acids are applied through foliar feeding, absorbed through the plant’s stomata or via the their absorpton and transportaton inside the plant simplifes. L-glycine and L-glutamic acid amino acids are known as very efectve facilitates the nutrient assimilaton. Protein biosynthesis: Amino acids and Phytohormones: Proteins have diferent functons: Structural (supportve), metabolical (enzymes), transport, Amino acids are the precursors or actvators of phytohormones and growth substances. Only L-amino acids L-Methionine is a precursor of ethylene and other growth factors such as spermine and spermidine, can be assimilated by plants. D-amino acids are not recognized by enzymes and do not partcipate which are synthesized from 5-adenosyl methionine. Therefore, amino acids obtained through organic synthesis are not well assimilated. Some amino acids like L-methionine do not have a structural functon the L-tryptophan is a precursor of auxin synthesis. If the hydrolysis is acid or alkaline, as it is performed in some European countries, L-tryptophan is destroyed. Stress resistance: The L-arginine amino acid induces fower and fruit related hormone biosynthesis. Stressful conditons, such as high temperatures, low moisture, frosts, parasite atacks, hail, fooding, disease or phytotoxic efects due to the applicaton of pestcides, have a negatve efect Pollinaton and fruit formaton: on plant metabolism with a corresponding decrease in crop quality and quantty. Pollinaton is the transportaton of pollen to the carpel that makes fecundaton and fruit formaton The applicaton of amino acids before, during and afer stressful conditons, provides plants with possible. This frees the plant from toxins that were accumulated during the tense L-proline helps pollen fertlity. L-methionine is L-Glutamic Acid: Chelaton a precursor of growth factors that stabilize cell membranes in microbial fora. Stmulates Growth In General: Promotes Germinaton L-glutamic acid and L-aspartc acid, through transaminaton, give make way for the rest of the amino acids. They act on a L-Arginine: Cold Resistance cell’s wall by increasing resistance to unfavorable weather conditons. L-Cysteine : Chelaton L-alanine, L-valine, and L-leucine increase the quality of fruits. L-histdine assists in the appropriate L-Phenylaninine : Promotes Germinaton fruit maturaton. L-Glycine : Chelaton L-Histdine : Chelaton Observatons When Applying Amino Acids to Plants: L-Alanine : Cold Resistance Trophic efect: Chlorophyll synthesis stmulaton Free amino acids, when quickly metabolized, give birth to biologically actve substances. L-Lysine : Chelaton Chlorophyll synthesis stmulaton Hormonal efect: Free amino acids stmulate the formaton of: Promotes Germinaton L-Methionine : Promotes Germinaton • Chlorophyll Stmulates Ethylene Producton • Indole-3-Acetc acid L-Proline : Ant-stress acton • Vitamins L-Serine : Auxin Precursor • Various enzymatc systems L-Threonine : Promotes Germinaton L-Tryptophan : Auxin Precursor L-Valine : Auxin Precursor Trophic + Hormonal efect • Flowering is stmulated Plants make Amino Acids from the Primary elements, the Carbon and Oxygen obtained from • Beter fruit setng air, Hydrogen from water in the soil, forming Carbon Hydrate by means of photosynthesis and combining it with the Nitrogen which the plants obtain from the soil, leading to synthesis of • Higher precociousness, size and coloraton of fruits. Only L-Amino Acids are part of these Proteins • Greater sugar richness and have metabolic actvity. So now afer this discussion we have to give the lesson of what types of protein we need to ingest. However, some higher-protein food sources may have higher carbohydrate and fat content. When you cook a food with most artfcial chemical sweeteners you make bad D type amino acids. Meat Semi Bad protein food: • Beef (lean cuts) • Shrimp, clams, scallops, starfsh • Pork • other cheeses • Veal The Simple Rule Fish If in doubt choose protein from foods that are unprocessed or minimally processed. No additves, • Salmon less cooking, some fresh and raw, good sugars, good fats, good proteins. While most proteins are good there is a certain category of protein which harm the body. Poultry • Chicken (skinless) You can recognize a good protein by the basic nutrients, by the faty omega 3 acids and by the big or small quantty of saturated fats. Faty omega 3 acids are a type of polyunsaturated fats- good • Turkey breast fats- which is found in fsh meat and has benefcial efects on people with heart problems. Dairy A list of good protein foods • Whey protein powder • Cotage cheese (low fat) Vegetable: (less concentrated) • Beans (lentls, adzuki beans & others) • Nuts (peanuts, almonds, pistachios) • Peas (split peas, chickpeas) • Soybeans • Grains & seeds (be aware of fat content) Protein sources to Avoid or Limit • Luncheon meats any product with nitrates • Whole milk • Ham, bacon, pork chop • Cheddar Cheese • Any synthetc chemical additve • Any synthetc chemical substance, 150 151 • a cup of white beans contain 0. Beans and vegetables are recommended Afer the recent inventon of weapons (15,000 years ago) humans have developed a sense to eat by doctors. Humans have developed a carnivore taste, with an herbivore healthy by its high chickpea intake. The Atkins diet allows The Price Potnger Insttute of San Diego is designed to show the power of the work of these the consumpton of ham for weight lose, but it’s rich In saturated fats, contains too many two men. Dr Price showed that degeneratve disease is preservatves and can impair kidney functon. The famous Potnger cat study forbidden because of their high cholesterol content and of the risk of inducing heart atacks. Amino acids can be found in plants, but for humans no one plant provides all of the amino acids we need. So we must use a variety of plants and to be a complete vegetarian it takes skill to mix plants to get the amino acids. Burnt compounds are carcinogenic whether they are inhaled into the lungs like smoke, or on a food taken into the digestve tract. If we had to catch an animal for lunch with just our bodies we would mostly starve. We cannot 152 153 154 155 It turns out that the cooking and the smoke are the leading carcinogenic compounds. In Japan where Shabu Shabu (cooking only in boiled water) was found to limit disease. Str fry cooking or just simple minimal cooking was shown to also decrease degeneratve disease. The diseases of parasites, injury, and infectons need to be controlled to limit disease in general. Since animals have the amino acids locked in their proteins, we can get the amino acids by eatng animal fesh. We grow the most during our frst year of life when we double or more our weight and height. A gorilla has an identcal digestve system to us, he is 600 lbs and can throw a car. And if someone craves meat, a handful of bean sprouts will usually satsfy them in about 15 min. The major dangers of meat are processed chemicals, carcinogens from cooking, excess bad fats and cholesterol. When we improperly combine foods and disobey the rules of the stomach we make everything worse. The less cooking the beter, the less meat the beter, the less chemicals the beter.

It is 35 characteristic of a serious obstruction or leak in the circulation proximal to the aortic valve buy discount atomoxetine on line medicine for pink eye, poor cardiac filling atomoxetine 25mg amex treatment xanthelasma eyelid, and any form of low output failure generic 25mg atomoxetine free shipping treatment quad strain. Bounding pulse A large wave of good form means a high pulse pressure associated with an increased blood flow discount 40mg atomoxetine overnight delivery treatment concussion, and is seen characteristically in the hyperkinetic circulatory states. Anacrotic pulse A slow upstroke associated with a pulse wave of low amplitude is typical of aortic stenosis Sometimes a notch can be felt on the upstroke: this is the Anacrotic pulse (or in full, anadicrotic -- ava, up; dis, twice; xpotos, beat). Pulsus bisferiens In combined aortic stenosis and incompetence a double beat during systole may be very pronounced : it shows up well in the ordinary external arteriogram when some pressure is applied to the surface of the artery by means of the recording device, but the trough between the two peaks usually disappears in intra-arterial pressure tracings, being replaced by a short plateau or shoulder. The second component of the beat has been attributed to a tidal wave, the onset of the percussion wave being reflected back from the periphery before the tail of the percussion wave has passed, the meeting of the two having a summation effect (Bramwell, 1937). It is more likely, however, that the dip between the two pressure peaks represents a venturi or suction effect (Fleming, 1957). Dicrotic pulse In the better-known form of twice-beating pulse the percussion wave is followed by a palpable secondary wave after aortic valve closure. In normal individuals the downstroke of the pulse wave is interrupted by a notch (dicrotic notch) representing aortic valve closure, but the small positive pressure wave (dicrotic wave) that follows the notch or distorts the contour of the descent cannot be felt clinically. The dicrotic pulse is encountered chiefly in patients sick with some fever such as typhoid; the peripheral resistance is low, the blood pressure low, the arteries lax, and the cardiac output probably normal. Water-hammer pulse 36 This aptly describes the combination of an abrupt percussion wave, ill- sustained crest, and rapid collapse. A water-hammer is a hermetically sealed tube containing a vacuum partly filled with water; when the tube is inverted quickly the water drops abruptly and imparts a palpable shock to that end of the container. A pulse having this characteristic quality indicates a low filling resistance in the reservoir into which the left ventricle pumps its contents. In health a low resistance is always peripheral and means vasodilatation, usually due to heat, exercise, emotional disturbance, pregnancy, or alcohol. Peripheral vasodilatation is characteristic of the hyperkinetic circulatory states such as thyrotoxicosis, anaemia, beri-beri, hepatic failure, and hypoxic core pulmonale. Peripheral resistance is lowered by a leak in the arterial side of the circulation, e. Again, peripheral vasodilatation tends to accompany most of the conditions mentioned, with the teleological effect of encouraging forward flow in competition with the leak. Finally, a water-hammer pulse often accompanies complete heart block, in which a unusually large volume of blood is flung into a relatively empty arterial reservoir with each beat. The amplitude of the water-hammer pulse varies considerably in these different conditions, being highest in aortic incompetence, heart block, and the hyperkinetic circulatory states (physiological or pathological), and lowest in mitral incompetence. The collapse occurs in the latter part of systole, and the dicrotic notch is usually displaced towards the base-line. In the majority the systolic blood pressure is somewhat raised and the diastolic low. Pulsus alternans Alternate larger and smaller beats with normal rhythm are caused by a specific form of myocardial dysfunction usually related to an intolerable pressure load or to intrinsic myocardial disease. Similar alternation may occur in the pulmonary arterial pulse, right ventricle and right atrium in severe pulmonary hypertension or stenosis. There is no change in alternate electrocardiographic complexes, and as a rule the phenomenon cannot be recognized by means of auscultation. A bout of alternation is frequently precipitated by an ectopic beat in susceptible cases. Pulsus paradoxes The pulse normally quickens during inspiration and slows during expiration, but it does not alter greatly in volume; in chronic constrictive pericarditis and intense pericardial effusion, however, it may become very small or disappear altogether during inspiration. Pulsus bigeminies Alternate ventricular ectopic beats result in coupling, each pair of beats consisting of a relatively large pulse followed by a relatively small one. The pulse in other arteries The pulse should be checked in all the palpable major arteries on both sides, e. Difficulty in locating the radial artery may be due to its taking an aberrant dorso-lateral course. A weak left or right brachial pulse may be caused by proximal compression from an aneurysm, subclavian thrombo-occlusion, an ectopic subclavian origin at or below a coarctation of the aorta, subclavian stenosis at its origin, syphilitic aortitis or pulseless disease. A relatively full or even water-hammer pulse in the right brachial and right carotid arteries associated with small pulses in all the other palpable arteries is more often caused by congenital aortic stenosis than by high coarctation of the aorta, and may be attributed to the innominate artery taking the full force of the jet. Conspicuous carotid pulsation suggests coarctation of the aorta, mixed aortic stenosis and incompetence or systolic hypertension associated with atherosclerosis. It is discovered by inspection (Corrigan, 1832), not by palpation, and should not strictly be confused with a palpable water-hammer pulse. It occurs not only in cases of aortic incompetence, but also with patents ductus, aorto-pulmonary window, pulmonary atresia with bronchio- pulmonary fistula, persistent truncus, and any other large arterio-venous fistula or its physiological equivalent. Carotid kinking superficially resembles a rounded pulsating aneurysm at the base of the right common carotid. A short segment of the vessel is looped back sharply on itself to give this impression. It is caused by elevation of the aortic arch as a result of hypertension or atherosclerosis, so that the carotids, particularly the right, come to be too long for the distance they occupy. Routine palpation of the arteries in the legs would insure the immediate recognition of coarctation of the aorta in nearly all cases, diminished and delayed femoral pulsation being characteristic and almost pathognomonic. The presence of pulsation in the vessels of the feet should always be recorded, if only for subsequent reference. Examination Of The Heart Having gleaned as much information as possible from general inspection, from examining the peripheral vascular system and the extremities, and from searching for signs of failure, one may turn with advantage to the heart itself, and duly inspect, palpate, percuss and auscultate. Inspection Inspection of the thorax is concerned chiefly with the shape of the chest itself, with the depth, frequency, quality and behavior of respiration, with cutaneous abnormalities, and with cardiovascular pulsations. Deformity of the thoracic cage is of five main types, excluding that caused by rickets. The former displaces the heart to the side facing the concavity; the latter, when severe, may result in core pulmonale. According to Evans (1946), funnel shaped depression has a central thoracic antero-posterior diameter of 4 2 to 5 inches, and displaces the whole heart to the left without compressing it. Cup shaped depression (antero-posterior diameter 5 1/4 to 5 3/4 inches) pushes the heart backwards against the spine and flattens it like a pancake, so that its transverse diameter is enlarged and its antero-posterior diameter diminished. Of ten such cases (aged 18 to 46) studied by the author, only four were symptom free. Physical signs included slight accentuation of the "a" wave in the jugular pulse (), right atrial gallop (2), and a right ventricular ejection murmur (5). Cardiac catheterization in four of the more severe cases revealed normal intracardiac pressures, including no rise of mean right or left atrial pressure, no tricuspid valve gradient, and no pressure gradient across the outflow tract of the right ventricle. Surgical correction was advised in two instances and carried out with satisfactory results and abolition of symptoms and signs of disturbed ventricular filling. In the absence of subjective or objective evidence of impaired cardiovascular function, surgical correction of the deformity appears to be a cosmetic operation. Neither changes of rhythm nor heart failure, as described occasionally in the literature, were observed in this small series. Precordial prominence caused by dilatation of the right ventricle during the period of thoracic growth, as in atrial septal defect. Symmetrical bulging of the upper part of the thorax with indrawing of the lower ribs, caused by increased inspiratory effort in childhood in consequence of stiff lungs, as in hyperkinetic pulmonary hypertension associated with ventricular septal defect (q.


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Its central feature is a in the laboratory-based experiments buy discount atomoxetine on-line 25 medications to know for nclex, but since there is no stated directon of intenton for the 2 millimeter-diameter illuminated jet of pure water projectng vertcally upward in a laminar column χ identfed data segments buy atomoxetine in india medications used to treat schizophrenia, the results are beter assessed on the basis of their distributons generic atomoxetine 18mg on-line symptoms xanax addiction, for several centmeters order atomoxetine 25 mg mastercard medications held before dialysis, then collapsing into a turbulent structure that eventually cascades back i. In essence, this process onto the source orifce, much like the larger fountains commonly seen in public parks and gardens. A number of such applicatons were from the column and its turbulent top structure (“sparkle” mode). The Johrei experiments on undertaken in October and December of 2000, involving both small and large group gatherings. The protocol of this Johrei The results of these, shown in Figures 8 and 9, are consistent with some of the most successful experiment requires the operator to produce data in runs of two trials each over a binary matrix yields we have observed in other applicatons of this technology. To compensate for unavoidable environmental horizontal lines and their surrounding parabolas indicate the mean value expected by chance and drif in the fountain behavior, data were processed only as diferences between “atended” and the one-tailed 95% confdence intervals, respectvely. The vertcal lines denote the experimenter’s “unatended” values for both the Johrei and non-Johrei conditons, for each operator individually, notatons of the beginning and end of distnct periods where the group was engaged in collectve 556 557 rituals or other relevant actvites. For most of the events, the actve segments are either preceded or followed by periods of passive baseline generaton. As can be seen in the fgures, many of these marked segments indicate strong trends of consistent mean shifs over extended periods of tme. In the sequence of Figure 8b, for example, these compound to an overall deviaton having a chance probability of. In the Figure 9 illustraton, although the trends of the individual segments from Days 1 and 2 tend to cancel one another’s efect over the compounded sequence, these stll consttute a strong collectve variaton relatve to chance. Summary Remarks In its essence, Johrei involves a manual invocaton of some form of celestal illuminaton as a vehicle for transmission of subtle healing energy to one’s self, a patent, or some other less than well ordered target object or system. This partcular set of pilot experiments was intended to explore the extent to which Johrei techniques could efectvely be extended beyond strictly physiological or psychological regimes, into less personalized physical devices and systems. As such, it should complement other basic research recently performed elsewhere on more explicitly biological targets. If supported by further experimentaton, the implicatons for their ultmate comprehension, the corresponding extension of scientfc methodology that will be required for their systematc study, and their benefcial applicatons could be immense. Acknowledgments The authors are indebted to Sekai Kyusei Kyo for the gifs that permited pursuit of this study, and to the three anonymous Johrei practtoners who contributed their tme and talent to the performance of these experiments. Correlatons of Random Binary Sequences with Pre-Stated Operator Intenton: A Review of a 12-Year Program. We are thus lef only with a preliminary indicaton that some evidence of Johrei may indeed be manifested in the output of this probabilistc physical device, but much more data, more 8. Scientfc Exploraton, completely annotated, would be needed to verify this claim, or to identfy any objectve or 12, No. Probabilites of chance occurrence are quoted ( ) only for Z-scores exceeding the two-tailed ±1. The Impact of Self-Hypnosis and Johrei on Lymphocyte Subpopulatons at Exam Time: A Controlled Study. Appendix For readers having more detailed technical interest, we present here more complete tabulatons of the salient statstcal features of the output data distributons from which the more concise tables and graphs of the main text have been distlled. Full representatons of the raw experimental data are retained in our fles and archives. V, Q = Alternatve data scoring recipes (see text) µJ = Mean of Johrei eforts µN = Mean of non-Johrei eforts σ J = Standard deviaton of Johrei eforts σ N = Standard deviaton of non-Johrei eforts se J , se N (se = σ / N ) = Standard errors of Johrei and non-Johrei eforts µδ µJ − µN = 2 2 se µδ = se J + se N δ = Standard error of Tδ µδ / se δ = Zδ µδ = Equivalent Z-score of (cf. Efects are found to compound incrementally over a large number of experiments, rather than being dominated by a few outstanding eforts or a few exceptonal partcipants. Overall results are unlikely by chance to but for brevity are not presented in this report. The term “remote percepton” is now preferred, to avoid any implicaton that the process is solely visual. Indeed, the evidence suggests that sounds, smells, and texture Quickly to the green earth’s end, are also frequently perceived, along with more impressionistc aspects of a scene’s ambience, Where the bow’d welkin slow doth bend, such as age, symbolic representaton, and emotonal content. Details of more than 100 additonal trials that have been added primordial to the contemporary. Experimental Design Although most of our mechanistc science ofcially decries such extrasensory processes, credible A. Protocol individuals contnue to report “anomalous” experiences wherein knowledge has somehow been acquired concerning remote events, or events that have not yet taken place. The basic experimental procedure for all our remote percepton studies requires one partcipant, the “percipient,” to atempt to describe an unknown geographical locaton where a second Eforts to comprehend the nature and implicatons of such phenomena also have a long historical partcipant, the “agent,” is, has been, or will be situated at a specifed tme. The percipient’s trail that parallels the evoluton of scholarly thought and social priority. The earliest philosophers impressions of the target are recorded in a stream-of-consciousness, free-response mode, approached the subject via a complementarity of mystcal and pragmatc principles. These descriptons are usually handwriten, although emphasis of the Middle Ages conditoned scholars of that tme to presume divine or demonic some of the early trials were tape-recorded. In the 18th century, a systematc study of such topics, sponsored by the Roman Church, concluded that the grace of prophecy, “whereby Percipients are free to determine their own percepton strategies, and no systematc record a man may know. All partcipants are untrained, uncompensated origins; 2) was more likely to occur to illiterate persons than to trained minds busy with “internal volunteers, none of whom claims exceptonal abilites in this regard. Although no explicit tactcal passions or external occupatons”; 3) occurred more ofen in sleep than in waking; 4) was ofen instructons are given, an attude of playfulness is encouraged and emphasis is placed on the indistnguishable from personal thoughts; 5) frequently took symbolic forms; and 6) could occur experience as a learning process, rather than on the achievement, per se. Percipients usually select in heathens, children, women, animals, and fsh, as well as in “holy people. Descriptve styles vary widely from one partcipant to another, ranging from cryptc, phenomena with prevailing electromagnetc theories. The agents, who are always known to the percipients, situate themselves at the target sites at the The purpose of this report is to provide an update and summary of an experimental program of prescribed tmes and immerse themselves in the scenes for about 15 minutes. They are only acquisiton of a comprehensive data base and the development of analytcal judging techniques for encouraged to atempt in some way to “share” their target experiences with the percipients. These responses are then Afer recording their free-response descriptons, both percipient and agent encode these in the entered into computer fles as binary digits and subjected to several scoring recipes. These questons range from the stark binary decision, but the added computatonal complexity was not justfed by its modest factual details, such as whether the scene is indoors or outdoors, or whether people or animals advantages. The complete list of descriptors, along with a A large number of binary scoring methods have been investgated over the course of the program, sample response check sheet, is provided in from a simple countng of the number of correct descriptor responses, to a variety of more sophistcated versions that weight the value of correct descriptor responses in accordance with Appendix B. Results of trials encoded ab inito by the percipients and agents themselves have been compared with those encoded ex post facto by a group of independent judges. For each scoring method, every percepton in the data base is scored against every target and these scores are arrayed in a square matrix, the diagonal of which comprises all of the matched 3. Trials have been classifed as formal, questonable, or exploratory, depending on their trial scores. The of-diagonal elements, or deliberately mismatched scores, can be assembled as conformity to pre-set criteria. Two methods of target designaton have been used: a) the target is randomly assigned from statstcal merit of the matched scores.