It’s time to start tracking what really matters!

Chain of Custody & Damage Inspection

RAF has developed a revolutionary new product that provides real-time data about your cargo containers in the palm of your hand.

A recent PEMA (Port Equipment Manufacturers Association) report published in 2011 notes damaged cargo results in an estimated $1 billion USD annual loss from either insurance carriers or companies responsible for moving goods within the supply chain.  RAF has created an elegant solution to this problem called ContainerTRAC360 which seamlessly integrates our sophisticated OCR technology with our smart data collection algorithms. ContainerTRAC360 analyzes high resolution images of a containers condition captured from a ruggedized mobile computer or smartphone and accurately records when equipment is moved at key points within a shipment.  Inspections occur in real time before the cargo is further damaged and all images and data captured is archived to a central server for claim review and processing.  In addition to reading the actual container ID, RAF’s OCR can also be used for security seals, IMO/hazardous placard detection, container door direction, LPR, and yard management location tracking.


Key Features:

  • Automatically scans ISO 6346 freight container ID’s and security seals using optical character recognition to avoid data entry errors during damage inspections or container chain of custody inventory
  • Our instant “camera on” hot key allows a user to take pictures of a container within the application and link them to an inspection report
  • Enhances operational control by tracking in real-time how many inspections each inspector performs and compares their productivity to other inspectors
  • Builds a history of inspections for permanent archive
  • Provides network asset visibility associated with multiple operations or nodes in a widespread network
  • Increases security by uniquely identifying each asset and provides high resolution images to detect security seals, locked doors, holes, etc….