Forms Processing

Cartouche is designed to be a custom solution for the most esoteric problem. It provides advanced data recognition software used for reading, extracting, and validating all forms of machine print and handwritten data which can then be electronically transmitted and automatically processed. RAF’s proprietary recognition technology uses field structure and dictionary references to generate an Intelligent Contextual Analysis which provides very accurate total capture document information. The simple to use graphical interface software allows users to easily define the level of information to be extracted from each form field by defining allowable character sets and sting lists. This powerful program doesn’t just read individual characters like most comparable solutions, but actually interprets the scanned image in terms of the data you expect to capture in your forms. Bottom-Line, RAF’s Intelligent Contextual Analysis system improves capture accuracy, internally will validate your data, and will reduce your overall operating expense and errors that occur in the process of converting each paper form document into electronic processing media.